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Tolar — December Retrospective

An overview of all important activities from December

December was another important month for us as a lot of progress has been made in terms of business development.

December 5: Zagreb Connect Conference

As a representative of Tolar HashNET, Tadej participated at Zagreb Connect Conference in a panel: Future technologies, sharing potential of distributed ledger technology for startups.

December 7: Tadej Slapnik met with the President of Catalonian government

During the meeting with the President of Catalonia government Mr. Quim Torra at Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, we have discussed potentials of Tolar HashNET entering Catalonian market particularly in the field of blockchain services for smart cities, where Barcelona is the most progressive smart city in Europe.

Tadej Slapnik with Mr. Quim Torra, the President of Catalonia government

December 10: Tolar HashNET at the Companies Doing Good Forum in Skopje

Tadej Slapnik represented Tolar HashNET at Companies Doing Good Forum: The New Economy in Skopje. During the same visit, Tadej had a fruitful meeting with representatives of different ministries, regulators, UNDP, academia and blockchain companies, discussing future cooperation in developing blockchain projects for public and private sector in Macedonia. We are looking forward to the upcoming activities in 2019 where Tolar HashNET will be one of the front runner companies for developing distributed ledger solutions for public and private services boosting regional development in the region.

December 14: Workshops with representatives of Mauritius ICT companies

Tolar HashNET and COTRUGLI Bussines School teams have organized workshops for representatives of Mauritius ICT companies and associations to explore their blockchain potentials in the framework of preparation of the National strategic plan for the adoption of blockchain technology.

December 19: Meeting with the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation of the Republic of Mauritius

Tolar HashNET and COTRUGLI Business School team had a fruitful meeting with Mr. Yogida Sawmynaden, Minister of Technology, communication and Innovation of the Republic of Mauritius discussing potentials of implementation HashNET DLT for public and private services.

December 21: New website, dashboard, EVM integration and token burn

New website and dashboard

Our new website is ready and has a complete new look, make sure to check it out! The new website has a dashboard connected to our developer testnet. With this feature, you are able to keep track on all tests that we are doing in real time, the speed of our transactions and the status and location of our nodes.

Token burn

Token burn took place on December 21 at 15:00 GMT. You can keep track of our total supply here.

EVM integration

Our first version of mainnet will have EVM capabilities (in original roadmap it was planned after v1.0 of mainnet was released). As it’s pretty obvious, explorers and wallets can’t work without functional network, so they will be released to public after public testnet. All of these updates will be reflected on our new website.

December 24: Tolar HashNET signs an agreement with UNDP

Tolar HashNET has signed an agreement with UNDP for preparation of concept note on SDG Business Lab in Macedonia. All details can be found here.

Happy 2019! May next year bring you lots of success, happiness and a better crypto year! In 2019, we will continue to work hard and according to our roadmap. As usual, we will keep you posted on our progress. Stay tuned!



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