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Tolar HashNET: Annual retrospective

Short summary of all important activities for Tolar HashNET in 2020


Tolar representatives have participated in UN/CEFACT session where they have presented The future of DLT and its applications in real-world scenarios, with focus on HashNET as platform that is in line with Sustainable Development Goals.


The aim of the project was to to develop a framework/mechanism for development and implementation of Blockchain services infrastructure, which will be compatible and in line with European Blockchain services infrastructure and usable or extendable globally.

Josip Maricevic, as CTO of Tolar HashNET was leading group for technical interoperability UN/CEFACT Chain project, while Tadej Slapnik was participating in legal interoperability work group. Resulting whitepaper is currently up for review, and official publication is expected around end of April 2021.

JUNE 2020

To help all developers, we’re bringing the best existing tools to the fastest blockchain network on the market.

Tolar HashNET developers have implemented common interface enabling the use of web3js toolkit to access its blockchain network.

HashNET has become the first 100% compatible alternative to the Ethereum network, enabling all the existing Ethereum users to use the same tools, but with additional features of the native HashNET network.

Using lightweight Java and Android library for integration that is already proven and Solidity for smart-contracts, clients will benefit from the best features of the HashNET network and easy way to port their apps to the much better alternative.

Both of these frameworks will become open to public on our github once web3 wallet is officially published.


On September 1, 2020, Tolar HashNET mainnet became open to general public, and we had first exchange integration with mainnet — Read more.

ERC20 Swap to Tolar mainnet started, and is still in progress. Future exchanges to list Tolar will participate in process while ERC20 token is live. More info.


Staking service for mainnet Tolar begins operation, with APR up to 10%. To help our users who still didn’t do the swap, staking service will be available for ERC20 tokens as well, and at the end of their term we’ll execute the swap and send them back mainnet Tolars.


To help all Web3 dApp developers, we’ve implemented Web3 wallet for Tolar, both expanding the covered platforms, and making it more user-friendly for everyone wishing to interact or develop smart contracts on top of Tolar platform. Web3 wallet is still not published on official Chrome Web Store, but once it is you’ll be able to get it through store, or as a separate download from Tolar web page.

Official announcement will be made on all our social media channels once it goes public.

And last but not the least, here’s a little sneak preview:



HashNET, Distributed Ledger Technology, keeps all positive characteristics of blockchain technology while increasing throughput to more than 200,000 TPS.

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