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Tolar — June Retrospective

So far, June was the most important month for Tolar in terms of project development and community growth. We have demonstrated our prototype, received many great reviews from top influencers, won an ICO pitch competition with Ian Balina and grown our Telegram group to almost 13,000 members. Let’s take a look at all of the activities, to learn more about specific event just follow the link in each title.

Tolar Prototype Presentation, Zagreb

June 4: Ian Balina pitch contest in Budapest

Tolar team has won the Ian Balina’s ICO pitch competition during his Crypto World Tour in Budapest. Our founder, Josip Maricevic, deserves all the praise as his amaizing performance has secured the first place for Tolar.

Ian Balina ICO pitch competition, Budapest

June 9: OhHeyMatty reviews Tolar

Tolar has received an overall score 87 out of 100 from OhHeyMatty. The full review is available on his Youtube channel. His general opinion about the project is: “I think a project as a whole is pretty solid and I look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future and I’ll definitely be following this project.”

June 12: Andre Cronje reviews Tolar code

Great fundamental design, one that I look forward to seeing in the testnet, as soon as it is out. I think it can make a real difference in both finality and transaction throughput. It does lock them into Proof-of-Stake, since redesigning consensus will be a ground up design, but I don’t think that is inherently bad. All in all, good code, novel design, excited to see where this goes.” More details about his review are available in the title link.

June 14: Ian Balina reviews Tolar

We are in his top 3 with overall score 79,56%. “Tolar is my third best ICO. […]What I do like — it has a decent team, they do have prototype, they have all-star advisors which is good. It’s a big idea — the fact that they are building an infrastructural project. They are competing with other blockchains. […]Their community is decent as well. To me, this is a border line all-star project.”

June 22: Presale and ICO whitelist registrations open

We have closed our private sale on June 21. The next day, we have officially opened our presale and ICO whitelist process for all interested participants. Presale sale bonus is 10%. In order to register, you will need to fill out the KYC form, which can be accessed ONLY through our official website. The payment instructions will be visible exclusively on our webpage. ***Be aware of scammers.

June 25: Diddy Carter’s reviews Tolar

We are in his top 10 ICOs with overall score of B+. More details on the review are available in the title link above.

ICO reviews by CryptoDiffer — updated

June 26: Tolar visits the WB EDIF Business Forum in Belgrade

Tolar HashNET visited the first WB EDIF Business Forum which took place in Belgrade. The Forum was hosted by the Ministry of Economy of Serbia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the auspices of the European Commission and with the support of the EIF. The event gathered more than 150 participants from the entire region, including officials from the beneficiary economies, EC, EUDs, IFIs, Chambers, banks and finance providers as well as a number of SMEs.

WB EDIF Business Forum, Belgrade

June 28: Tolar prototype reached the speed of over 130,000 TPS

Tolar team has demonstrated its prototype with a speed reaching 130,000 TPS on multiple nodes during the live event held in Zagreb. The event was held to show the progress of the project and explain the impact it can have on global scale. Participants were able to watch the livestream of the event. The recording is still available on our Youtube Channel for those who haven’t been able to watch us live.

Tolar team during the Prototype Presentation

Tolar Telegram Announcement Channel is ready

Our Official Telegram Announcement Channel is fully updated and ready. Make sure to follow us for all important updates and announcements. Telegram group is still very active and now counting almost 13,000 members! If you have any questions, join the group and you will get your answers immidiately.



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