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Tolar — October Retrospective

An overview of all important activities from October.

October 3: Tadej Slapnik met with representatives of Maltese government and regulators

Tolar HashNET Director, Tadej Slapnik had a meeting with representatives of Maltese government and regulators. He discussed the future partnership between Tolar HashNET and Malta government in implementing HashNET proof of stake protocol for public and private services in achieving sustainable development goals. Read more.

October 5: Tolar team attended the official opening of the EU Blockchain Hub in Ljubljana

EU Blockchain Hub, established to facilitate high-level advocacy for creation and development of Blockchain and emerging technologies while supporting the Sustainable Development Goals across multiple sectors worldwide, has officially opened on October 5. Tolar team was present for the opening as our Director, Tadej Slapnik, is a President of the Advisory Board of the EUBCHUB. Drazen Kapusta, Founder of Tolar HashNET, is also a member of the Management Board of EUBCHUB.

October 5: Tolar token (TOL) is listed on IDEX

All info and instructions can be found here.

October 8: Tadej Slapnik chaired Monitoring Committee of the Luxembourg Declaration on EU Social Economy

Tadej Slapnik, Director of Tolar HashNET and former State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Slovenia, chaired the second Meeting of Monitoring Committee of Luxembourg Declaration on Social Economy under Slovenian Presidency in 2018, held in Luxembourg, with strong political and institutional representatives from Europe’s leading Social Economy countries. More info.

October 9–14: Tolar at the COTRUGLI Days in Umag

Tolar team attended the annual COTRUGLI Days in Umag, Croatia which gathered around 500 leaders and managers from the whole SEE region. We had a presentation at the Business 4.x & Future of HR conference as well as many constructive meetings and brainstorming sessions with our associates and potential business partners. Read more.

October 15: EUNEX Grand Launch in Milan

A brainchild of EUBC Hub and AB Hub, EUNEX is a digital asset exchange platform that is supported by both European and Asian networks — making it a well-recognised and well-connected platform for global digital asset trading. Tadej Slapnik, as a Chairman at EUNEX held a welcoming speech during the Grand Launch in Milan.

October 17: Tolar token (TOL) supply has been updated on CoinMarketCap

All info can be found here.

October 19: Tolar HashNET headquarters opened in Slovenia

We are proud to announce that Tolar HashNET company headquarters are now located in Slovenske Konjice. The official opening took place on October, 19, 2018, where we have signed letter of intent with the municipality Slovenske Konjice to collaborate in the field of adoption and development of blockchain technology. You can read more about this important event here.

October 19: European Blockchain Meetup 2018 in Celje

That same day, our team participated at the European Blockchain Meetup 2018 in Celje: Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals — Feel The Future Fair. Tolar was selected as Rock Star blockchain project for sustainable development goals. Read the full story.

October 24: EBDR Forum in London

Tadej Slapnik has attended the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)Forum: Fintech (R)evolution — the good the bad and the opportunities that lie ahead. The Forum brought together FinTech experts from the public and private sectors, and tackled some of the most important issues in FinTech. Read more.

October 25–26: CEE Block — biggest Blockchain Forum in CEE with policy-makers from the European Commission

As a representative of Tolar HashNET, Tadej Slapnik has participated in the largest blockchain forum in CEE region that gathered highest policy-makers from the European Commission and European Union member states, under the patronage of M. Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society. Slovenia was highlighted as one of the most important Blockchain Hubs in Europe by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society. All details are here.

Lilyana Pavlova, Minister for Regional Development and Public Works
Tadej Slapnik and Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

October 26: Tolar and Unibright Meetup in Belgrade

We had a very productive workshop with our partner, followed by a Blockchain Meetup in the evening. The event, hosted by Zühlke, was held in Belgrade and was a great opportunity to meet the Unibright team and discuss our partnership in greater detail.

October 30: Corporate Innovation Conference in Belgrade

Yesterday, part of our team was also present at the Corporate Innovation Conference in Belgrade, organized by ICT Hub and supported by USAID and Serbian Ministry for Innovation and Technological Development.

Kyle Scott, US Ambassador to Serbia

More great news are coming soon so make sure to keep following us on all social channels.



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