Tolar Prototype reached over 130,000 TPS during the live demo

Hitting 136,000 TPS

On June 28, Tolar HashNET has demonstrated its prototype with a speed reaching 130,000 TPS. The event was held to show the progress of the project and explain the impact it can have on global scale.

Josip Maričević, CTO and Founder, ran the prototype to demonstrate the speed it can reach at this point of time. During the test runs performed before the presentation, the maximum peak speed network was able to achieve exceeds 150,000 TPS, being very close to the ultimate speed that the project aims to reach (200,000 TPS).

Josip and Mario demonstrating the prototype

In order to make this live demo as close to real-world usage as possible, we have set up 11 masternodes all over the world. There were several nodes all over the Europe, and also in Southeast Asia, Australia, West United States. As for the hardware specifications, we have nodes from low range, 2 cores, 8 gb of memory up to 8 cores and 64 gb of memory. Providers were Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and Hetzner. In addition to those masternodes, there are ordinary nodes that were not on the map, and can be anywhere as well. For example, one of the laptops in the room was also participating in network.

Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary, Republic of Slovenia discusses the importance of blockchain

As Mario Vojvoda, CIO, explains: “We are already able to do pilots on our platform, which shows stability and maturity of the platform in this early stage, but also our commitment to create unique ecosystem that will benefit our partners and developers “.

The event was held in Zagreb and all interested parties were able to watch the event livestream through our Youtube Channel. If haven’t had the opportunity to watch the presentation, make sure to watch the short video of the event here:

Thank you all for coming/watching.

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Tolar team