Aatif Nawaz at Newsroom

I met Aatif just outside the Newsroom where he was playing the Free Fringe. I told him I’d got a flyer and he was very happy to hear it. Quite a famous comic, yet he chose to play for free and hands out his own flyers. He seems like a very down to earth guy.

He plays up his Islam, jokes about drinking, bacon and bombs aplenty. Not at all in an edgy or over the top way.

The whole time I was unsure if I had seen Aatif before. The guy next to me claimed to be from “New Yark” and Aatif incorporated it into his set on Trump. This is where he excels- he’s just fantastic at interacting with the audience, an incredibly charismatic man.

PWYW Rating: He wanted £5 but I barely had enough for milk so I said I’d write a good review. I meant it, of course.