Flo and Joan: Victory Flaps

Musical comedy can be very hit and miss. YouTube parodies can be terribly forced, but sometimes a bit of comedic rap goes a long way- I’m a massive fan of the Rubberbandits, and you can often hear people driving around South Wales pumping Goldie Lookin Chain from the car stereo. I was going to make a crap reference to the “Hawkeye and Windy” duo of female comedy singers but that would probably be sexist.

Instead, I will say this- Flo and Joan (real names Rosie and Nichola) are lovely girls (Dammit, there goes that attempt not to be sexist) and sing wonderful, humourous but enchanting songs.

The low-down

Where? The Newsroom (part of Free Fringe)- good venue actually.

When? 10pm 😪

Why? I was invited! (Muh corrupt journalizms)

There’s no messing here. This is an hour of solid comical music, with only short breaks between songs. Are they on Spotify yet?

Not that the breaks weren’t fun. “Anyone from Canada?” “Yeah, close! New York!”

The actual songs employ a wonderful harmony that had me grinning and bobbing side to side. The comedy sometimes comes slowly, and occasionally hits hard (unexpectedly, as we learned in this year’s JOMEC Comedy module) by breaking from the rhyme scheme.

The sisters are good singers, good musicians and I would say pretty good physical comedians (like Addy van der Borgh). It’s not often you see women able to pull off the deadpan, creepy look- but they manage it very well.

Obviously I can’t claim complete impartiality here as I was well schmoozed over Twitter and at the venue. The only actual complaint I have is that sometimes the satire just got too real and I felt slightly depressed- strangely powerful for such upbeat tunes. If you would like to know why we shouldn’t treat bees like sheep, what they call finger buffets in Canada, and what people really thought when you posted pictures of you travelling on Facebook, then I suggest you go and see the show! I’ll certainly try and see it again.

PWYW Rating: 60p, but that’s all I had. “I’ll be back,” as a famous man once said.