PWYW Roulette #1: Matt Richardson, Elliot Steel, Eleanor Conway

Before I start- apologies if today’s reviews seem a bit harsh. I have been feeling ill and laughing hurts.

Matt Richardson- Bangarang

Where? Just the Tonic at the Tron
When? Early afternoon (I forgot)

Why? I was actually going to watch Olaf Falafel.

Then a guy came up to me outside and told me there was another free (pay what you want) show on. My wallet is filling with receipts and tickets as the notes slowly vanish, so I went inside the pub. He wasn’t so happy to see an audience of students, too poor to pay much at all. Top minds, hard times.

Unfortunately it turns out I saw him before in Cardiff. His jokes were still good but gave me an un-nerving sense of deja vu.

I might be walking around in a yellow anorak and shorts but why does every comic make a crack at me looking young? He asked my age- then after calling me a child asked what I wanted to do. “Journalism,” I replied. “Hope you won’t be a comedy reviewer,” he said. And you know what, I hate to lie. I’m writing about it, but on the other hand this isn’t really reviewing, is it? In the end I just kept schtum.

PWYW Rating: £1

Elliot Steel- Netflix and Steel

Where? Gilded Balloon Counting House

When? 18:15

Why? My friend gave me no time to explain. We just went.

This guy, as he reminds you in his set, is only 19.

This had the unfortunate effect of making me wish I was in his position. So much was my jealousy of his position (comic dad, nearby agent, etc) that I found it hard to laugh.

Luckily a friend had been placed at the back so as to make good the chuckles. I always think a big part of a stand up is how hearty the audience’s laugh is and this guy did everyone’s laughing for them.

I wish I had seen him when I was 18- not just as an inspiration but because I would have agreed with all his stances. Unfortunately I’ve become better read since then. He says he doesn’t like people who read, so really it was hard to be on his side.

PWYW Rating: it’s too late, I’m skint. Sorry Elliot.

Eleanor Conway’s Walk of Shame

Where? Bierkeller Frankenstein.

When? 19:45

Why? Pay what you want… and a general hope for an experienced modern woman’s insights on life (also, “music journalist” it said in the program, #networking)

You know when an 18 year old starts talking up all the cider they downed last weekend, and how drunk they got, and how funny it was that they were, like, SO drunk? This seems a bit like that. In fairness it was a preview, Eleanor was trying new jokes on the audience.

Eleanor’s life story is very interesting but I felt like the show could have been better advertised as a comedic Talk rather than a reality grounded stand up.

In any event, a girl was trying to get in the “pull” door holding two drinks so I opened the door for her and accidentally walked out.

PWYW Rating: was hungry (skint remember?), had to leave early.