Smurthwaite on Masculinity @ Banshee Labyrinth

Who wants to see a show about a woman dressed as a man who then dresses as a woman? Not to mention a techie dressed as a foetus. You do, because this show is really good.

In a Free Fringe room even more packed out than Olaf Falafel’s show(review of which should be up on Fringebiscuit any day now), I was hot, tired and alone. Yet I found myself immensely enjoying easily the smartest show at the Fringe.

It is announced at the start that Kate Smurthwaite will not be attending, and instead a male comic will be presenting the show- Milo Standards comes on stage and begins to rip into the male comedy circuit from the inside out. It’s ferocious satire, and a lot of it honestly roared by so fast that it went over my head a little. This is a good thing, because any time I go to a show concerning a topic like feminism I worry that it might be a little preachy. Whilst the majority of the show is still accessible it makes no effort to oversimplify itself.

The highlight of the show comes when “Milo” begins to read out real jokes made by male comedians around the country, but flipped so as to sound like women made them (eg swapping the word girlfriend for boyfriend). This part is particularly scathing and so shocking that it’s funny.

As I mentioned when I watched the Spiked show, many of the subjects being derided in that were only funny to a particular set of people (eg men) and this show reminds us of that fact. Now the Spiked show, which I enjoyed at the time, seems like a hell of a guilty pleasure.

But as long as it makes us laugh, right? …Right?