1938 San Francisco High Resolution Aerial Pictures/ Seals Stadium!

This is an amazing find. A colleague sent me THIS LINK today, which will take you to an beautiful array of aerial pictures of San Francisco, taken from a blimp in 1938. The site gives authorship credit to Harrison Ryker and the photos are from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection.

A few interesting things to point out: (1) Chrissy Field is an airstrip. (2) There is a live San Francisco Seals Game going out at Seals Stadium, which is now the site of the Portrero Shopping Mall at 16th and Bryant. (3) Sand dunes are covering plenty of property still by Ocean Beach. (4) South Park exists! (5) The double-decker freeway that used to run in front of the Ferry Building is not built yet, and that area is essentially a traffic turnaround.