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It’s Time to Build, Closing Grocery Stores, Pandemic Escape Plans, Post-Corona Stock Market, Oil Prices…

And so much more on this Mega-Link Monday!!!

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Alright everyone, it’s Mega-Link Monday!

What’s that, you ask?

I don’t know. I just have a lot of links today and it happens to be Monday.

I have a lot of links (aka slightly more than normal) and tons of tweets for you. I think it’s a pretty exciting/interesting set today so I hope you enjoy it.

If you only check out one link, make it the first one. Marc Andreesen has written a fantastic “call to arms” that, while directed at founders and entrepreneurs, I believe everyone should read.

Alright, let’s get to the business folks.

***Please note that a posted link or tweet does not necessarily equal an endorsement of the author or the ideas expressed in the link or tweet, sometimes I may completely disagree with it, but nonetheless think it’s worth sharing for educational purposes. Thank you for your understanding.***

1. It’s Time to Build — Marc Andreesen,

You don’t just see this smug complacency, this satisfaction with the status quo and the unwillingness to build, in the pandemic, or in healthcare generally. You see it throughout Western life, and specifically throughout American life.

I’m gonna refrain from highlighting any more of the text because the whole piece is worth quoting and highlighting. Do yourself a favor and read it.

AllSides Media Bias Rating: N/A

2. Experts say it may be time for grocery stores to ban customers from coming inside because of Covid-19 — CNN Business

“Careless customers” are “probably the biggest threat” to workers right now, according to Marc Perrone, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers’ union. The union said 85% of its grocery store member workers reported that customers are not practicing social distancing in stores.

Anecdotally, I have witnessed this careless behavior myself and perhaps, unconsciously, have contributed to it as well. But I think most people are doing their level best.

Either way, this does not seem like a sustainable solution to the problem and would probably cause people to panic-buy, en masse, one more time before stores shut down their insides for good which I envision being a total, unmitigated disaster of epic proportions — but just a guess.

Perhaps a strict cap on how many people are allowed in at a time and the implementation of one-way aisles would be a better way to go. You could also require anyone entering to be wearing a mask and gloves to add further protections.

AllSides Media Bias Rating: LEAN LEFT (Web News), LEFT (Editorial)

3. ‘We Needed to Go’: Rich Americans Activate Pandemic Escape Plans — Bloomberg

For years, New Zealand has featured prominently in the doomsday survival plans of wealthy Americans worried that, say, a killer germ might paralyze the world. Isolated at the edge of the earth, more than 1,000 miles off the southern coast of Australia, New Zealand is home to about 4.9 million people, about a fifth as many as the New York metro area. The clean, green, island nation is known for its natural beauty, laid-back politicians and premier health facilities.

I believe I recently linked to this New Yorker article from a few years ago, Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich (fantastic and fascinating read if you haven’t read it already).

Well, it’s happening. At least some of them are opening their escape hatch and hunkering down, sometimes literally in underground bunkers, it seems.

AllSides Media Bias Rating: CENTER

4. What will the stock market look like in a post-coronavirus world? The bulls are hoping history repeats itself — MarketWatch

“Obviously, comparing two periods more than 100 years apart is hardly an apples to apples comparison,” Bespoke said. “But it’s still interesting that during what was an even deadlier pandemic in 1918, the DJIA never even approached anything close to a bear market.”

Where are we headed in a post-corona stock market? Who knows, but investors are looking to how markets reacted to the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 for clues.

AllSides Media Bias Rating: LEAN RIGHT

5. Oil falls on concern over storage and earnings — Reuters

Oil prices fell on Monday, with a U.S. crude futures contract hitting its lowest level since 1999, depressed by concern that U.S. crude storage will soon be full while companies prepare to report the worst quarterly earnings since the financial crisis.

Oil prices are at a near twenty-year low as concerns of storage and earnings grow.

“As production continues relatively unscathed, storage is filling up by the day. The world is using less and less oil and producers now feel how this translates in prices,” said Rystad’s head of oil markets, Bjornar Tonhaugen.

AllSides Media Bias Rating: CENTER

6. The Influencer Economy Hurtles Toward Its First Recession — WIRED

Brand deals have dried up; sponsored posts have been delayed. The great reckoning is unlikely to topple the influencer industry — by now, it’s already too big — but the business of influence is going to change. “If you think about the way an economic recession works, some companies survive and some companies don’t,” says Angela Seits, senior director of consumer insights and engagement strategy at the digital agency PMG. “I think that could be the same thing that happens in the influencer industry.”

A little pop culture for you, because hey, this pandemic is affecting all of us, man.

Even the beautiful people.

It’s scary, sobering stuff.

AllSides Media Bias Rating: CENTER

7. Twitter Highlights…

Good thread on the logistics and considerations of an age-based lockdown:

As always, thanks for reading. Please stay safe, stay inside, follow the guidelines, and wear a mask if you can.

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