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Learning to Dance Pt. 2, Serological Surveys, Death Toll Hits 200K

And all the tweets fit to print…

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***Please note that a posted link or tweet does not necessarily equal an endorsement of the author or the ideas expressed in the link or tweet, sometimes I may completely disagree with it, but nonetheless think it’s worth sharing for educational purposes. Thank you for your understanding.***

1. Coronavirus: The Basic Dance Steps Everybody Can Follo w— Tomas Pueyo

Any country can follow a series of measures that are very cheap and can dramatically reduce the epidemic: mandate wearing home-made masks, apply physical distancing and hygiene everywhere, and educate the public.

A couple of days ago I highlighted Part 1 by Tomas Pueyo, here is the follow-up article where he explores the simple, yet effective measures countries can and should be taking.

2. The results of coronavirus ‘serosurveys’ are starting to be released. Here’s how to kick their tires — STAT News

Known as serological surveys, the studies involve testing the blood of people not diagnosed with Covid-19 to determine whether they had previously been infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They are important because they can flesh out the picture of how many people in any given community may have had Covid-19, even if they were unaware they were infected.

STAT News takes a good look at how to interpret and make sense of the results that are coming in from recent serological surveys.

3. Global coronavirus death toll hits 200,000 — Reuters

Global deaths linked to the coronavirus passed 200,000 on Saturday, while confirmed cases of the virus are expected to hit 3 million in coming days, according to a Reuters tally.

Sadly…including this link as a reminder and to help us keep some perspective.

This thing is far from over and it’s already been pretty devastating. We need to keep our collective heads in the game (and out of our asses).

4. Twitter highlights…

Words to live your life by:

As always, thanks for reading. Please stay safe, stay inside, follow the guidelines, and wear a mask if you can.

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