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Tuesday Links:

JP Morgan Chase CEO warns of recession, COVID-19 accelerating the disruptions of higher education, MASKS…again, plus twitter highlights…

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***Please note that a posted link or tweet does not necessarily equal an endorsement of the author or the ideas expressed in the link or tweet, sometimes I may completely disagree with it, but nonetheless think it’s worth sharing for educational purposes. Thank you for your understanding.***

1. JP Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, Warns of Recession in Letter to Shareholders

Halting buybacks was simply a very prudent action — we don’t know exactly what the future will hold — but at a minimum, we assume that it will include a bad recession combined with some kind of financial stress similar to the global financial crisis of 2008

You can read the full, 22-page letter here and while that may seem like a lot of pages, the print is actually quite big in certain sections and there are plenty of charts, graphs, and white space.

Fret not. You don’t have to read the whole thing either.

But you’re getting a glimpse into the head of one of the biggest players on Wall Street and in global finance. Like him or not, he’s someone worth listening to.

Read some of it, you may find it interesting.

Or don’t. I don’t really care.

2. How Covid-19 is Accelerating the Disruption of Higher Education — Scott Galloway

Like most industries disrupted by software, tremendous value will accrue to millions of consumers via deflation. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will vanish. And billions of shareholder value will flow to disturbingly few organizations and their stakeholders.

Scott Galloway is one of my favorite people to read. In his latest column for Marker, he makes a few predictions (four to be exact) about how this pandemic will serve to accelerate many forces that were already in play in the disruption of higher education in America.

I give this my highest recommendation for reading — well worth it.

3. Everyone Thinks They’re Right About Masks — The Atlantic

In general, I have liked and appreciated the Covid-19 coverage by The Atlantic, but I must side with Nassim Nicholas Taleb on this one (full tweet is below in the highlights):

You don’t wear a mask jus because you have evidence that transmission is airborne. You wear a mask because YOU DON’T KNOW whether transmission is airborne. — Nassim Taleb [typos not corrected on purpose]

4. Twitter highlights…

As always, thanks for reading. Please stay safe, stay inside, follow the guidelines, and wear a mask if you can.

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