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Bad writers are constantly getting in their own way. And it’s sad because they usually have the requisite talent. But they are constantly hung up on the wrong things. I know this from experience. You could say I am an expert at being a bad writer.

I keep telling people…

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Short stories are perhaps the best available tool to practice your craft as a writer.

Many inexperienced writers, myself included, tend to rush into novels without the requisite chops to ultimately pull it off.

We get bogged down in the quagmire of this big, amorphous blob and eventually, after a…

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Ernest Hemingway wrote many brilliant things. So it comes as no surprise that he had many brilliant things to say about the art and craft of writing.

One pearl of wisdom that I return to often when I get stuck in my own writing is this: remember to just tell…

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Constant interruptions are are the destruction of the imagination.— Joyce Carol Oates

Your number one responsibility (outside of the obvious one, which is writing) is to protect your time.

Or, as Ryder Carroll writes, “you can’t make time, you can only take time.”

And when you take the time to…

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Along the way, we’ve also been brainwashed into believing that creativity is a gift, something mysterious that the muse hands to a few select people. We’re not to look at it too closely or it might disappear. — Seth Godin

It’s easy to get stuck in preparation mode.

It’s easy…

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Except to the most avid seekers of wisdom, Stoicism is either unknown or misunderstood. To the average person, this vibrant, action-oriented, and paradigm-shifting way of living has become shorthand for “emotionlessness.” Given the fact that the mere mention of philosophy makes most nervous or bored, “Stoic philosophy” on the surface…

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It’s been said of today’s political climate that it doesn’t so much matter what is being said. What is far more important is who is saying it and what “team” they play for.

And I find it very difficult to disagree. Of course, this arrangement is ass-backward.

It also reminds…

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At once [the buffalo] is a symbol of the tenacity of wilderness and the destruction of wilderness…it represents a frontier both forgotten and remembered; it stands for freedom and captivity, extinction and salvation.

— Steven Rinella

I had a sociology professor in college who was quite popular on campus and…

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A common trap many inexperienced writers fall into is creating characters that are too close to perfect.

They don’t have any real flaws.

They don’t endure any real hardships.

They don’t struggle.

They don’t fight.

Things just kind of come easy to them.

They sort of just wander around storyland…

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There are lots of good reasons to wake up early.

But the best one is psychological.

Getting out of bed when you don’t feel like it is a small, but important win that allows you to immediately build momentum to start your day.

Sure you could hit snooze and wake…

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