10 Types of Friends You Should Have in Your Life to Make It More than The Heaven

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There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship ~Thomas Aquinas

Friends are an indispensable part of our lives. It is difficult to imagine a happy and fun-filled life without the presence of true friends. To read more on the importance of friendship in life, click here. There are different types of friends a person can have. Every type of friend is important to different aspects of life. Together they add different colors to the canvas of life and make it complete and much more beautiful.

Here are the 10 types of friends that you should have in life.



1. The faithful Confidant


The role of a faithful friend is indispensable in life. You can confide in your darkest secrets, pour your heart out, discuss your insecurities with this friend without any hesitation. You can trust this friend with your full heart as this friend has always lived up to your trust.

2. The Inquisitive Traveller


The people who love to travel are inquisitive, confident, daring and lively. Their unique travel experiences and stories are a treat to hear. To have such people as friends is a privilege indeed, as they inspire you to break through the shackles and to discover your new sides.

3. The Fun Lover


You need a friend who breaks the monotony of your mundane life. This fun loving friend is always there to cheer up your mood. A perfect entertainer, this friend adds life to all occasions. Such a friend can inspire you to leave all the worries behind and live the moment joyously.

4. The One who Helps in Studies


You definitely need a friend who helps you with studies in your college life. Whenever your head gets muddled up, just approach this friend. This friend will explain the most intricate concepts with the utmost simplicity and will leave you amazed. This friend is also the ultimate savior who explains you all the syllabus just a few moments prior to the exam.

5. The Tech-Savvy


Tech-savvy people have a way with technology and gadgets. Such a friend keeps you updated on the latest technological advancements and is a great incentive to your knowledge. If you ever run into a problem with a gadget, just approach this friend and you will receive the most efficient and quick solutions.

6. The Fitness Freak


Such people value their health as their most precious asset. They are quick, agile and disciplined. The company of such friends can inspire you to opt for a healthier lifestyle.

7. The Peaceful Soul


Such people emanate peace. Contentment is written all over their face. The company of such a friend will definitely help you win over the undue worries you often cling to in life.

8. The Quiet but Wise


Such people are advocates of the adage,”Brevity is the soul of Wit“. They speak less but their words are full of wisdom. Such friends can provide you with the wittiest solutions to every problem.

9. The Style Expert


Such people possess a unique style statement. They have an excellent choice in clothing. They possess the knack to rock any style. Such friends can help you hugely to refine your looks and style at every occasion.

10. The Unconditional Supporter


It may have been years since you last met, but this friend is always by your side whenever you need. Such friends are certainly not the type of people who are associated with you for their own benefits. They genuinely care for you. You needn’t even talk every day and still your friendship remains as good as ever.

After discussing the different types of friends and the important role that each of these plays in our lives, it’s time to express our love and gratitude to them. Friendship Day is a perfect occasion to let your friends know what they mean to you. Look up for some really cool gift ideas for friendship day here.


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