11 Surprising Spec Details of Nokia 3310 Relaunch That Most Smartphone Users Don’t Know

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Remember the 2000’s. The world was reeling from Y2K, Eminem and Dr. Dre entered the rap gig, Bill Gates stepped out of Microsoft, and the Nokia 3310 hits the markets.


The man has an inseparable link to technology. Even though technology marches on with lightning speed, some memories with old junk just baffle current techies. With the relaunch of the Nokia 3310, one called the ‘the most reliable phone in the world,’ smartphone users might come across a whole new level of nostalgia.

1The Nokia is rumored to be launched at the Mobile World Congress conference before the end of the month. This will mark the phone’s entry after over seventeen years.

2 The 3210 which was the predecessor to the 3310 was seen as both economic and convenient with features like SMS messaging, long range calling and roaming.

Nokia 3210

3 Before the age of videogame platforms and disks, Snake was the rage back then and kept people awake through many sleepless nights. It’s amazing to see how far phones have come to entertain users when it comes to games.

4 Believe it or not but the so-called ‘brick phone’ was the first affordable mobile phone to come to market with a fully internal antenna and was the sporting icon for businessmen in that era.


5 While smartphone companies battle their products’ battery lives, the Nokia 3310 doesn’t even have to enter the competition. The phone gave a whopping 55-hour to 245-hour battery life, even on stand by. Talk about long lasting.


6 Predictive text input was the fancy name Nokia gave to polish the messaging system, much similar to autocorrect. But in a phone released in such a time, it boasted multiple tools like calculator, Voice Dial, mobile chat mode for SMS, profiles and currency converter.


7 Even with current processors running at starking cps(cycles per second), smartphones generally take a boot up period of 20 to 22 seconds. You’ll be shocked to know that the 3310 booted up in just 8 seconds.

8 ‘Indestructible’ was the word used synonymously with the 3310. The use of the hard exterior was perhaps the only time in mobile history where users fed their concrete floors more than the phone if it dropped. And just to show off, it was impervious to fire attacks and water proof.


9 The phone was a phenomenal success worldwide, selling nearly a 126 million units. A far cry from the 25 million sales the iPhone made in its debut year.

10 The phone became famous not just for its memorable games like Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantumi. Who could forget them? It was possibly the first handset to popularize customization regarding color, ringtones, themes and icons.


11 Lastly, the 3310 was chosen as one of the three national emojis to represent Finland, owing to Nokia’s takeover by a Finnish conglomerate. It’s even called ‘The Unbreakable.’


The phone hits the market shelves for another time by the end of this month. Here’s hoping that it enjoys the same success as it did in the past.

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