15 Insanely Cool Offices Around The Globe

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We spend a huge amount of money for making our houses look beautiful and make us feel relaxed whenever we enter into it. Few companies did efforts to make employees feel as if the office is their home. With stylish decor and latest technology, these offices might make you switch your company and move to these insanely attractive offices.

1. Ogilvy & Mather

ogilvy and mather office

An Ad agency located in Jakarta, Indonesia understands that how tedious it is for people to climb stairs many times a day. Keeping this in mind they turned the ordinary stairs into a playground slide and workstation. They have also made a gym for the employees to boost up their energy if they feel lethargic at any time of office.

2. Uniplaces

uniplaces office

A startup company which deals with a student-housing market is located in Lisbon, Portugal. It gave its office a look of historic Rossio Railway Station. To add more to its appeal the walls of this workplace have a living garden.

3. Microsoft

microsoft office

The company has its offices situated all over the world, but the office in Vienna has an enhancing view which makes it different. A retro chic conference room with colored woods and a slide of its own make people work with more intensity.

4. Zappos

zappos office

With a UFO shaped conference room, the office surely holds a ubiquitous place in Las Vegas. Company deals with online shoe and clothing and the room can be booked for any meetings held regarding it. It also has a camel lifeguard and people can take a dip in the box of balls.

5. Akqa

akqa office

Digital agency located in Japan, Tokyo has an underground tree lined courtyard and natural light for its architectural firm. The work zones are divided with raised platforms.

6. Hyland Software

hyland software office

A content management software company located in Ohio, United States is a bit too much concerned about the employees looks. For that, they have a barber available at its site, for anyone who is interested in a mid-afternoon shave.

7. Pixar

pixar office

An animation studio situated in Emeryville, California is a lot more gorgeous and innovative than what you expect from a workplace. With gardens and a lap pool, it provides a friendly environment for employees. It also has a huge sculpture of Luxo Jr. (the famed animated lamp) and his ball.

8. Groupon

groupon office

Office of this e-commerce marketplace is located in Chicago. It uses theme-based spaces for a relaxing workplace. A tiki room with indoor swings adds a spark to it. Also, random boulders are included in island theme spaces.

9. Kickstarter

kickstart office

World’s largest funding co-operation moved to Brooklyn in 2014. The main centre of attraction of this office is a plant that turns electrical energy into music. Such tech savvy offices promote the employees to work with more vigor.

10. Square

sqaure office

A mobile based company in San Francisco pretty well knows how to do multiple works simultaneously. It allows the employees to move around the office with the help of robots while they are in their seat.

11. Oracle

ORACLE office

A California-based MNC which deals with computer technology has made an in-house basketball court, volleyball court and swimming pool for all those people who wish to take a break from the tech world.

12. LinkedIn

linkedIn office

Newyork based company has three kitchens in the office. One of the kitchens is based on the Central Park’s famed restaurant,’Tavern on the Green’. LinkedIn has the same kitchen named ‘Tavern on the Blue’. It also has arcade room for employees.

13. Google

google office

The company has luxurious as well as coolest offices around the globe. One of the offices in Zurich has an egg shaped conference room while another in New York has a rock climbing wall.

14. TOMS

toms office

It has a notorious office in Los Angels which has an enormous big blue slide. The dog-friendly office also has motivational signs all around to attract employees and work and play together.

15. Twitter

Twitter Office

Based in San Francisco, it gives employees a way to connect with nature without venturing outside. The office looks like a giant wooden birdhouse and it also has a cafeteria named #theperch. Share the post with all your friends to make them realise what are they missing in life.

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