Come Board The Hogwarts Express And Get to Visit the Harry Potter Festival!

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No you are not dreaming! Yes you will now get to ride the Hogwarts Express and reach the Harry Potter festival that is coming up.

Imagine boarding the Hogwarts Express from platform number 93/4 and traveling to Hogwarts. It is now time for every Potterheads to live their dream.

Hogwarts Express Is Arriving

A Harry Potter festival is coming up in Philadelphia. The Chestnut Hill College should be thanked for organising this event. On October 21–22 the Potter fans will be taken to the festival in a real Hogwarts Express.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy

The festival is open for all. Moreover the college looks very similar to the fantasy world of Hogwarts.

Celebration of Potterdom

The Harry Potter festival will have everything,that a Potterhead’s heart can desire for. Starting from fizzy Butterbeers, to rides on the Knight bus. A Tri-Wizard Maze will be there to find your way out from. Real Owls will be found in this festival.

A sorting ceremony will be held to decide the teams to which a Potterhead can belong to. Just think about those lucky people who will make it to Gryffindor. Wow even a Quidditch tournament will be arranged.

The Septa Chestnut Hill Region rail line will be transformed into Hogwarts Express. They are even making arrangements of bringing look-alikes of Harry ,Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore. They will be present to welcome the Potterheads on-board.

Grab Your Tickets

Tickets will go on sale from 28th September. If you want to live the Harry Potter life BOOK YOUR TICKETS!


For now I will go and cry myself to sleep and dream about the day when Dumbledore will come to take me to Hogwarts,the school of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Till then I will be waiting in the cupboard under my stairs. Oh and All you lucky people can go and live your dream in the meantime. POTTERDOM IS WAITING FOR YOU.

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