The Journey of Chumbak- from a Funky Fridge Magnets to the Collection of Funky Products.

Read full article at The Journey of Chumbak- from a Funky Fridge Magnets to the Collection of Funky Products.

Chumbak is one of the leading brands of India which is known for its bright colors, funky prints and pieces of art.

Whether its jewelry, bag, home decor or clothing Chumbak is omnipresent. Chumbak is not only a brand but a story of a couple who started their business with a funky fridge magnet. Who are they? and how it all started , let’s find out.

Chumbak was started in March 2010, by Vivek Prabhakar and Shubhra Chadda (husband and wife). They both started with an idea to create fun and bright Indian souvenirs . According to the co-founder of Chumbak , Vivek ” we were a little bored of the usual marble Taj Mahal replicas and handicrafts that were becoming the only souvenir option. We thought travelers deserved some more options that were hip and still represented India. That’s how Chumbak took birth”.

But as it is said , one has to take a risk if one wants to be somewhere in life. So following this theory, Shubhra Chadda, CEO and co-founder of Chumbak went ahead with this idea. They sold their 3BHK apartment in Bangalore to raise capital for a unique company that was started by just selling artistic fridge magnets and they didn’t even think twice before risking it all. What a strong headed couple! Slowly and slowly they both went ahead with this idea. Soon they realized , they needed to come up with a variety of other product categories. For that , they took an entire year to produce and manufacture other products.

Before their launch in March 2010 , they came up with 12 products. As the years passed , Chumbak has become famous and now is the hottest lifestyle product brand with 150 stores in India and 70 in Japan, with a strong e-commerce presence.

They also have flagship stores in Delhi and Bengaluru but do have footprints in Mumbai too and not to forget 35 pop-up stores across India.

Not only this, Google recently selected this company as one of the three companies worldwide for a case study on how companies have successfully used google services.

Shubra Chadda says, ”one of the fun things at Chumbak is working on new designs. Though a lot of our designs are India inspired, they do well in an international environment. At the end of the day, a thing that makes me most happy is seeing people using our products.”

Chumbak is now aiming for Rs 400 crore target for their annual revenue within next few years.

Shubhra Chadda is among those strong women who have faith in their dreams as well as in themselves and believe in following them without even thinking twice.

No matter how no matter what but you should definitely believe in your ideas whether it is small like Shubra Chadda’s idea because you never know what positive can happen like ”CHUMBAK”.

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