This Guy Walks Around Olympic Village with Big Sack of Condoms ( Meet Eric )

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The great Rio Olympics is now coming to an end. Throughout these days we saw many athletes becoming stars. They won medals and etched their names in the arena of sports. But in this Olympics, someone else also became a star. Neither did he take part in the events, nor is he a sportsman. But still, Eric has become the new hero of this Rio Olympics. How? Just by selling condoms.

Who is Eric?


While most athletes have been attracting the attention of the people, Eric with his own effort has also become the center of attention for many people. Eric’s job is to walk around the Olympics, carrying a huge bag of condoms. This distribution of condoms is to ensure that the athletes have the access to contraceptives and will only indulge in safe sex.

Distribution of Condoms


Olympic athletes have a lot of sex. The huge amount of sex has urged the Rio officials to come to a decision of distributing 45,000 condoms. This means that each athlete gets a share of 42 condoms. This apparently tiring job of the distribution falls on a group of heroes. Eric happens to be one of these legendary heroes.

Eric-the New Internet sensation


Roger Sherman , a reporter of SBNation recently met Eric and got to know about his daily work. Eric, who is a normal human being like us, became an internet sensation after he was introduced to the world. Sherman did try to get to know a little more about Eric’s busy schedule. He managed to know that Eric does not hand out condoms to the athletes like a conventional Santa. He is the modern Santa,who refills dispensers in the bathroom.

Why do Athletes need so many condoms?

For the first time, 100,000 female condoms will be handed out along with 350,000 male condoms. Apart from that 175,000 lubricants are also being handed out. The Zika virus can also be sexually transmitted. So it’s better that the athletes remain safe than sorry. Eric is doing a great job in promoting safe sex. He is the new hero, without a cape or a medal also, he has managed to win many hearts.

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