tommysTV is hitting the road…again!

It’s been a little over a month since our last transcontinental journey and the tommysTV crew is suited up for another 10 days on the road. We’ll be travelling over 1,400 miles across the deep South.

“For what?” you might ask…

Well…let’s just say we’re not at liberty to discuss it.

What we CAN say is that we’re going to do what tommysTV does best: deep, driven storytelling. Our crew will follow our subject in DITLO-style (Day In The Life Of) and commit ourselves to telling an honest story. The secret ingredient is a genuine curiosity about the world around us.

BOOM! You’ve got a compelling story.

The crew is taking two vehicles loaded up with our luggage and film gear. Our tight schedule will enforce us to keep our gear stripped down almost to the bare minimum without sacrificing video quality. We’ll be taking our usual 2-camera package that will be interview-ready once we arrive to each college town.

Our in-house rookie, Mr. Anderson, will be detailing the trip via vlog. Expect to see a slew of photos, blog posts, gas station confessionals from the crew on social.


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