Tomochain Update 11th Sept, 2018

A new website & new updates on TomoChain Public Testnet

Good day everyone,

We are so happy to reveal our new brand website design:

It is ready to do its job as sending the love spell widely to impress people and make them willingly stay with us, forever! 😈😈😈

Regarding the new website, there are some steps we would like to walk you through:

  • The new website will be presented in English. We will update it in Chinese, Korea, Vietnamese and Japanese version soon.
  • TomoChain new tagline: The most efficient platform for the Token Economy
  • The highlight is the Technology tab which demonstrates TomoChain technology features and TomoChain public testnet
  • You are able to track the D-apps will be built on top TomoChain as well as follow our current and upcoming events

When it comes to a new website, we hope every steps we take, we keep the community closer on this journey. You bring us energy and strong motivation to keep going on and conquer new frontiers.

Today, we also published the tutorial to become a full-node, and a Masternode on TomoChain Public Testnet. It is super easy to run a new node and join the testnet with our new tool named TMN.

For further details, please take a look at our tutorial. With this update, you can:

Any technical question, feel free to ask us on TomoChain Gitter or if you need any other support, DM admins on TomoChain Telegram Chat.

For new beginners to explore our testnet, you should not miss this: TomoChain Public Testnet 2.0

More info on TomoChain:
Telegram: ​
Website: ​
Facebook: ​
Twitter: ​

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