TomoChain — BlackCat Partnership Announcement

TomoChain is excited to partner up with BlackCat Blockchain Investments, a company specialized in the implementation and development of Blockchain technology for companies and institutions, in terms of the development at the business level.

The Catalonio Retreat 2 weeks ago was a golden opportunity for TomoChain and BlackCat to meet and discover the future collaboration. We will cooperate in the educational program implementation, market expansion and ecosystem building.

BlackCat is also a collaborating company of the first legal Spanish ICO launched in Spain, providing integral advice and marketing services focused on the cryptocurrency market. Finally, they protect private groups of investors specialized in the cryptocurrency market. This partnership will open doors in Spain and EU zone for TomoChain, increase blockchain awareness and adoption as well as market TomoChain technology to other blockchain projects and enterprises in the area.

BlackCat Blockchain Investments recently signed a partnership agreement with Dragonchain, a US-based blockchain company.

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