TomoChain — CMC Institute of Science and Technology Partnership Announcement

TomoChain is delighted to announce our partnership with CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) under CMC Corporation (CMC) — a top 2 technology group in Vietnam and one of the 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises, with 25 years of establishment and development. CMC has consolidated its position in the domestic market and has progressed to regional and international markets through key business activities including system integration, software services and telecommunication services. In Vietnam, CMC Group is recognised as a reliable partner in IT projects related to government, education, tax, customs, insurance, electricity, banking and finance.

TomoChain is thrilled to announce that we will cooperate with CIST on various technical activities relating to blockchain technology, which vary from developing demo products using blockchain technology, to jointly implementing blockchain projects which will serve the nation-wide client base of CMC.

“We are excited to partner, and innovate with CIST in the blockchain’s technology, and application. CIST have built a strong presence in the region with an impressive array of research, and solutions for various sectors. They are often sought out to solve complex IT issues for both government, banking, and finance sectors in Vietnam, and for big enterprises oversea. Their parent corporation CMC, is the second biggest IT company in Vietnam, which can steward many use cases for blockchain, and Tomochain platform, at a large scale in the future”. said Long Vuong, TomoChain CEO

Chan Hung Nguyen, Director of CIST shared: “The partnership between CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST), a research center planning R&D strategies for CMC Corporation, and TomoChain Pte. Ltd., a leading blockchain company in Vietnam, is a significant milestone marking the beginning of an effective cooperation for development of Vietnam blockchain industry. We will work closely to bring out the most suitable products utilized the advanced blockchain technology which will serve Vietnamese big enterprises operating in various industries, such as banking, insurance, Government agencies, etc.”

CIST is a private research institute with the following functions: (1) conducting applied research following the CMC’s strategy; (2) developing the capacity for long-term research and development; (3) sharing the results of their research with CMC’s member companies. The objective of CIST’s research is to bring core and competitive value to the businesses of CMC. CIST’s focus is the application of the latest technology - including big data, AI, IoT, blockchain and robotics. CIST possesses modern, world class labs and strong human resources for research.

TomoChain is a public blockchain that supports almost instant confirmations, near zero transaction fees, and smart contracts via a system of 150 masternodes — which aim to be a solution for decentralized apps, token issuances and token integrations for small and big businesses alike. Security, stability and chain finality are guaranteed via novel techniques such as double validation, staking via smart-contracts and randomization processes.

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Welcome to TomoChain blog. Follow us to get the official news and good reads from TOMO team. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!

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