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TomoChain and CrossAngle are pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership, in which TomoChain discloses information on Xangle, a data disclosure platform developed by CrossAngle, to provide exchanges and investors with institutional-grade reports.

As part of this collaboration, TomoChain and CrossAngle will explore synergy opportunities within each other’s business portfolios, including both blockchain and traditional enterprises. We will also work together to significantly expand our outreach in Korea, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and other keys, high-growth markets.

Xangle by CrossAngle is a highly credited disclosure blockchain platform entrusted by the largest Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb as well as Coinone, Korbit, CPDAX, and GOPAX to enhance the reliability of their coin listings. The standard for data disclosure used by Xangle is based on the framework of the traditional financial market’s public disclosure platforms such as DART (S.Korea), EDGAR (US) and international credit rating corporates (S&P Global Ratings, Moody’s, Fitch), which have been re-interpreted to meet the needs of the crypto market. Xangle currently gathers around 100 data points in total, covering both token data and company information such as partnerships and business status.

TomoChain believes information is key to protect investors and for the crypto asset market to transition from today’s speculative investment environment to a more rational and legitimate environment. By practicing disclosure on Xangle, we are tackling information distortion and ensuring our investors get all the necessary information to make informed decisions. Comprehensive information is also available to retail investors, so you can check out TomoChain’s public information disclosure page HERE.

Long Vuong, CEO, and Founder of TomoChain said: “We are excited to work with CrossAngle. Thanks to the partnership, a separate Due Diligence Report on TomoChain will be made available to CrossAngle’s partnered exchanges. This cooperation will also open up opportunities for both projects to explore market expansion; expand and strengthen brand awareness where we are present.”

Hae Min Park, Co-founder & COO of CrossAngle, is full of praise for TomoChain: “TomoChain is among the anticipated next-generation public platforms, chosen by many Dapp developers with a large user base. In addition to the business information disclosed by TomoChain, Xangle will analyze the TomoChain mainnet and provide data such as the distribution of token owners, major token movement transactions, etc. We are truly pleased to be able to deliver greater value through this collaboration to the TomoChain investor community as well as large enterprise clients of CrossAngle who are interested in investing or adopting blockchain technology.”

About CrossAngle

CrossAngle is a company building Xangle, a public data disclosure service for the global crypto asset market. Their goal is to resolve the issue of information asymmetry pervasive in the crypto market today. CrossAngle is working closely with token projects and exchanges to institutionalize public data disclosure practices, and are also actively engaging with traditional corporates by conducting a seminar called NotForSale(NFS). Their activities are aligned to their broader vision of bridging the gap between the blockchain and traditional industry by making blockchain projects and crypto assets accessible and understandable to all.

About TomoChain

TomoChain blockchain and product ecosystem allows entrepreneurs, enterprises, and institutions to build high-performance, feature-rich blockchain projects on an enhanced EVM-compatible platform. An array of original features and protocols is designed to support users’ speed, privacy, usability, and liquidity needs all in one platform.

TomoChain is built on a performance layer that achieves high transaction speeds without compromising decentralization. TomoChain uses an innovative consensus method called POSv (Proof of Stake Voting) which gives an incentive to all TomoChain token-holders to play an active part in staking across a network of 150 high-quality masternodes, and to monitor their performance and governance actively. Its staking-governance dapp, TomoMaster, is recognized as one of the leading staking platforms in the industry.

TomoChain flagship products are:

  • TomoZ protocol — the first on-chain protocol that offers the ability for any user to pay transaction fees with the same token the user is holding, and
  • TomoX — a secure and efficient relayer-masternode decentralized cryptocurrency exchange protocol that empowers a diverse system of relayers, MM providers, and independent projects to work together in a decentralized way.

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Welcome to TomoChain blog. Follow us to get the official news and good reads from TOMO team. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!

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Welcome to TomoChain blog. Follow us to get the official news and good reads from TOMO team. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!

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