TomoChain Dappathon Champions!

It’s surely not a simple task to be able to come up with Dapp games and boost community’s interests, especially on the blockchain platform as it is still a very new application to the tech world.

TomoChain considers Dappathon as a great playground for developers to express their talents and produce meaningful games for our community. The race to win the most hearts has closed after 2 rounds of continuous playing and voting turns received from the community.

The community has spoken and chosen its favorite games:

  • From Round 1, congratulations TomoWin on stepping above the other 3 contestants with 35% of the votes. The numbers were close, but TomoWin stands in the winner’s spotlight with its attractiveness of bank-like play round.
  • All the way from the other side of the strategy spectrum, Tomo Sheep Fight has proven that no other species whether big or small, can top their sheep!!

Both games earned their well deserved place. Once again, we would like to expand our greatest thank you to all those who have played and vote for your most liked dapp games.

The ultimate Dappathon Master!

And now for the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. As each game has its own unique character, it was a hard task for us to pick out one single winner. Thus, the following winners have been chosen.

Dappathon Champions:

· 2 Runner-ups: Tomo Sheep Fight & TomoBird, winning $1000 each.

· Third Place: Ecopet — $500.

· Community Votes: Tomo Sheep Fight & TomoWin, winning $500 each.

Furthermore, judges have decided to grand a special prize to the game with the best performance, judging on its stable players and volume number since launch day. The prize of $500 goes to: MaxBet!!!

(Prizes will be awarded in TOMO, as per USD equivalent)

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Congratulations to all our well-deserved winners!

Our judges have decided to save the First Place Prize for further support to expand all our games into the community. Thus, this is surely not the end of our Dappathon Quest. Stay tuned as more exciting campaigns will be happening in the next few weeks. Download TomoWallet <iOS/Android> to play and earn a little extra $TOMO.


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