TomoChain — Japan Content Token Partnership Announcement

A new partnership has come to Tomo town!

Japan Content Token (JCT) provides a custom platform that allows visitors, especially from overseas, to access and experience a unique Japanese culture via a huge source of content created by users, then all contents will be featured in their application called BloomCast. Everyone from various backgrounds can create and manage channels to generate content and interact with their friends and fans.

BloomCast facilitates multiple tickets issuance steps, including buying in bulk and sales. Especially, the JCT platform also allows users to buy ownership and resell tickets at ease.

JCT has also developed other applications used for the education, fashion and HR sector. Each JCT application has already managed and expanded their own customer base. At a reserved estimation, over 1 mil. users will soon benefit from JCT platform and TomoChain technology. With great market potential and extensive working experience of the team, JCT promises to gain huge recognition and achievement in the future. Once JCT finds its footing in the market, TomoChain, will rise as the most effective public blockchain platform that is able to handle large transaction volumes generated in the fastest, most secure and transparent way.

TomoChain’s technology integrated with JCT system is one of the typical use cases of blockchain technology in P2P marketplace. JCT’s headquarter is located in Singapore and its branches are based in Tokyo and Shanghai.


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