TomoChain — OneLedger Partnership Announcement

Welcome on board, OneLedger!

We would like to announce our strategic partnership with OneLedger, an enterprise blockchain solution that is focused on bridging centralized enterprise technology with emerging decentralized technology.

Both projects will be sharing technical resources, as well as cooperating in marketing and co-branding activities to help build both ecosystems and communities. We would both like to invite each other to be involved by running masternodes on our platform. OneLedger is also exploring the possibility of developing a OneLedger TomoChain sidechain, which we are very excited about.

CEO Long Vuong said

“It is our honour to work with the talented OneLedger team to facilitate enterprise integration of blockchain technology. Our collaboration goal is to make the process of onboarding blockchain technology more viable and efficient for enterprises. Enterprises are our important clients and partners, and will provide a great gateway for blockchain technology to reach the mass adoption.”

OneLedger is a cross-ledger agnostic protocol that enables high-performance scaling. OneLedger enables businesses to build business applications through OneLedger modularization tools, which will communicate with the OneLedger protocol using its API gateway. This mechanism will allow business applications to interact with the different public and private blockchains synchronously through corresponding side-chains implemented in the OneLedger platform.

OneLedger CEO, David Cao, shared his thoughts:

“This is a strong partnership. TomoChain looks to solve the problem of scalability, which is a major concern in the current blockchain ecosystem. Our teams have interacted on numerous occasions, and we believe that collaborating with TomoChain will help both the projects grow dynamically.”

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TomoChain is a public blockchain that supports almost instant confirmations, near zero transaction fees, and smart contracts via a system of 150 masternodes — which aim to be a solution for decentralized apps, token issuances and token integrations for small and big businesses alike. Security, stability and chain finality are guaranteed via novel techniques such as double validation, staking via smart-contracts and randomization processes.

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