TomoChain supports swapping TOMO Erc20 on IDEX

If you left TOMO ERC20 on IDEX, it is a must-read article! TOMO team will support you to get TOMO native.

To get support, first fill in this FORM

There are some important notes:

  • To proceed with the swap, we will send you TOMO native manually case by case so it may take some time to get work done.
  • The program happens every 1st week of the month until December 2020.
  • We charge a flat fee of 50 TOMO every account to get support.
  • The address connected to IDEX that stored TOMO ERC20 is the ERC20 address. Please note IDEX is a decentralized exchange, it does not control your wallets. We will send TOMO native back to the ERC20 address you provide in the form.
  • We will proceed with the TOMO native transactions 5th-7th every month. You will receive the confirmation email from us. Please follow the guide inside to access the Tomo native balance and start transacting new TOMO as you wish.

⚡️ How to connect to TomoChain mainnet on theERC20 address and check a new balance?

What should you do with valid TOMO beside trading on exchanges?


⚡ ️All about TomoChain Staking!

•. Understand TomoChain reward merchanism. Check the reward HERE

•. Which node(s) should I vote for? Join Masternodes and Voters Chat for direct communication with masternode owners.

•. Stake TOMO with Ledger Nano & TomoWallet

Join TomoChain telegram chat to get more support from admins and community members.

Stay tuned and wait for our contact!


TomoChain contact

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For General support: TomoChain Chat

For Technical support: Gitter

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