TomoChain — TE-FOOD Partnership Announcement

TE-FOOD - the decentralized food traceability ecosystem built on TomoChain infrastructure. What do you think?

TE-FOOD is the world’s largest publicly accessible, farm-to-table fresh food traceability solution. Started in 2016, it serves 6000+ business customers, and handles 400,000 business transactions each day.

TE-FOOD is a farm-to-table traceability solution, covering all logistics and food quality activities and data management of the supply chain. It provides cost effective software and identification tools to make livestock and fresh food supply information transparent.

After the recommendation from Wolf Crypto about Tomochain platform, TE-FOOD and Tomochain had a meeting at our office in Hanoi. Both parties discussed over the potential difficulties of decentralizing traceability data, and Tomochain came up with interesting and practical solutions which led to this official cooperation.

During the next few months, TE-FOOD will examine deeply the technical side, and run tests to jointly build the TE-FOOD decentralized food traceability ecosystem on TomoChain infrastructure for the long-term.

From left to right: CTO Tomochain Thanh Son — Co-Founder Te-Food VN Trung Dao— CFO Tomochain Ho Le — CEO Te-Food International Gmbh Erik Arokszallasi — Blockchain Lead Tomochain Tu Nguyen

Tomochain is a public chain providing the scalability solution that supports instant confirmation, near zero transaction fee, and smart contracts via a system of 99 Masternodes which will be an ideal solution for decentralized apps, token issuances and token integrations for small and big businesses alike. Security, stability and chain finality are guaranteed via novel techniques such as double validation, staking via smart-contracts and true randomization processes.

Regarding the partnership, CEO Tomochain Long Vuong noted:
“We are excited to work with Te-Food talented team to explore the solutions to food traceability, supply chain management and blockchain scalability. Our company goal is to solve real-life problems effectively using blockchain technologies, and this partnership is important to make that goal a reality.”
CEO TE-FOOD, Erik Arokszallasi commented:
“We believe that blockchain infrastructure technologies which are currently under development will dominate the market in 2019. This is why we start to cooperate with Tomochain, the developer of one of the most promising blockchain infrastructures: We want a future-proof infrastructure for the TE-FOOD blockchain ledger.”

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