The TomoChain Hall of Fame — TomoDome uses on-chain storage for your brand, each piece of land on the dome is tradable Non Fungible Token (NFT) with high resales value, settled autonomously by smart contract, showing the Tomochain Powerhouse.

Backed by strong interest from the community and collaboration with Midas Protocol, TomoDome launch on 23 March has been a success. Within 48 hours since launch, TomoDome have welcomed 103 citizens who collectively purchased 88,700 $TOMO worth of land. Among whom, 54 land-owners are staking, more than 5 of them are Tomo Masternodes. Average staking amount is 1,642 $TOMO per staker. Average stake received is 164.26 $TOMO per staker. At the time of writing, Biggest land plot has been purchased so far worth 7,000 $TOMO, Highest stake earner: 1,608 $TOMO, Highest ref. earner: 2,940 $TOMO.

Beyond the TomoDome Land Sales Stake Earnings, Resales Profits, Referral Earnings, profit sharing, TomoDome land-owners are automatically enrolled into the Weekly Lucky Draw of 888 $TOMO Prize for 88 consecutive weeks.

The earlier you own TomoDome land, the earlier you can start staking.
1 pixel = 1 $TOMO , 1 square = 10 x 10 pixels = 100 $TOMO
You need to own at least 4 squares (= 400 $TOMO) to earn staking rewards

Especially for Midas Pioneers, we would like to take this opportunity to give back, as a token of our appreciation.
For every 100,000 TomoDome pixels sold, Midas will buy 10,000 pixels and plant a Pioneer Land flag on it. All income generated from Pioneer Land will be shared among all Midas Pioneers proportionately, according to their Pioneer rank.

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