What do you see in this picture?

There is a good reason why machines and humans are different.

Anand Tamboli®
Aug 3, 2019 · 2 min read

One day I asked my 3-year-old, “What do you see in this picture?”
She said, “A mooo!” (= cow). It wasn’t the answer I expected!

I persisted, “What else do you see?”
She is very observant, “A tree!”. Okay, that’s not wrong.

I asked again, “What else?”
She, “Look, another tree!”. Wow! I didn’t think of that.

“And what else?”
“Chocolates!”. I had no idea where this came from!
I, “Where do you see chocolates?” (a digression from original question).
She pointed at the things hanging by the tree. “These are coconuts, not chocolates”, I said. She wouldn’t agree. Argh — kids!

I was not ready to give up, “What else do you see?”
She wasn’t giving up either, “Grass!”, and pointed it in the picture.

I was confused, how else could I ask the question to get the obvious answer (to us, adults)?

I thought, now that she has accounted for all other objects, this time I would hear it.

“What else do you see?”, with my fingers crossed.
She is a gem, said, “Clouds!”, pointing at the clouds.

I have had enough; I was losing it. I decided to give it a final go.

“What else do you see, baby?”
“A house”.

YES! I almost shouted.

You see, machine learning is easier! 😅

Look at the picture again, what do you see?

About the Author: I am many things packed inside one person: a serial entrepreneur, an award-winning published author, a prolific keynote speaker, a savvy business advisor, and an intense spiritual seeker. I write boldly, talk deeply, and mentor startups, empathetically.

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It is time we started thinking beyond tomorrow…

Anand Tamboli®

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It is time we started thinking beyond tomorrow…

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