When I Missed a Train Station

Understanding how our mindset impacts our life can put us in better control.

Anand Tamboli®
Sep 12, 2019 · 2 min read

This incident happened several months ago — I was going home after a day-long work in the city and boarded the train from City Town Hall.

Then, as usual, got involved with my smartphone, until my wife called to check my arrival time.

I looked up to see the nearby station/area to give her an estimate. That’s when I realised I missed my station already and I was five stations ahead.

The first thing I did — acknowledged that I was heading in the wrong direction.

Next, I quickly estimated how to correct the course, i.e. get down to the next station and catch another train to my destination.

And then — I just followed what I decided! Finally, I reached home, I was late, but I was there — where I wanted to be!

Outcomes don’t just happen — they are the output of our behaviour.

Our thoughts drive our behaviour, while our thoughts are the product of our mindset.

Understanding how our mindset impacts our life can put us in better control.

Did anything like this happen to you?

What were your experience and learning?

I previously wrote about it here: https://medium.com/tomorrow-plus-plus/our-mindset-can-have-a-significant-impact-on-our-lives-dbcca794dfeb

About the Author: I am many things packed inside one person: a serial entrepreneur, an award-winning published author, a prolific keynote speaker, a savvy business advisor, and an intense spiritual seeker. I write boldly, talk deeply, and mentor startups, empathetically.

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