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THTC and TomTom transform traffic management in the Middle East

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By Kenneth Clay, Senior Marketing Manager Enterprise

As with other regions of the world, the Middle East and North Africa have experienced exponential growth in traffic congestion over the years. Together with TomTom, Transport Hi-Tech Consultants (THTC) is at the heart of this transportation management evolution.

In this part of the world, transportation management systems have been deployed to identify traffic hotspots and to inform drivers of preferred routes. These systems rely on location insights such as free flow and current speeds, peak traffic hours, jam length, and traffic incidents to ensure safe and efficient transport. Together with TomTom, Transport Hi-Tech Consultants (THTC) is at the heart of this transportation management evolution.


Transport Hi-Tech Consultants (THTC) is a leading technology firm in the Middle East that specializes in digital maps, navigation, geographic information systems (GIS), telematics, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and smart mobility. Partnering with location technology specialist TomTom, THTC provides an accurate digital representation of different locations in the region offering a broader understanding of how people move from place to place. THTC helps businesses and residents create a better experience of complex cities using navigable maps and traffic insights. Through continuous innovation, THTC and TomTom are transforming the future of traffic management and smart mobility. I recently had a chat with Sanad Al Hashimi, Business Development Manager at THTC, to learn how. You can read the interview below.

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Tell us more about THTC. How did you get your start?

Established in September 1999, THTC’s story has always been about innovation. Our first client helped pave the way for the company to pioneer phenomenal work in navigation in Gulf region countries. In 2001, THTC launched the very first website in the Middle East North Africa region that provided map-based driving directions.

THTC is renowned for providing quality products and services to reputable companies and organizations in government and private sectors throughout the Gulf region. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification ensures that an organization runs its business using international standards for products, services and processes. As an ISO certified company, THTC’s goal is to grow in accordance with customer demands, emphasizing quality, customer satisfaction and reliability.

“Not only are TomTom products rich in content and highly reliable, but their technical expertise, service and support are world-class.”

Dr. Saad Al Mubayedh


Why did THTC team with TomTom?

TomTom provides comprehensive, historical and live traffic and other travel information to assist commuters, drivers and traffic management authorities who deal with everyday congestion on Gulf region roads.

TomTom teamed with THTC because of their strong regional presence, broad network and solid business relationships with local government and private sectors. THTC is TomTom’s trusted local partner, offering a channel for delivery of world-class digital map and traffic data to the Middle East North Africa region.

Who is benefiting from THTC working with TomTom map and traffic data?

THTC is a highly reliable provider of quality products and services throughout the Gulf region. TomTom has long been known for its global coverage, fresh, accurate and comprehensive map data, highly accurate traffic information, flexible integration and data accessibility.

Through the richness of TomTom map and traffic data, THTC has successfully delivered numerous reputable United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) projects including:

  • In Dammam, Saudi Arabia, the Eastern Province Municipality is working with THTC to use TomTom Route Monitoring to provide drivers with traffic information via variable message signs. Local road authorities also use TomTom Traffic Stats, available on the TomTom MOVE Portal, for transport planning analysis and performance reporting.
  • When Riyadh needed to build their new metro — the largest construction project in the world — they turned to THTC and TomTom to help them manage the impact of the works on road traffic. TomTom map and traffic data provides drivers with information on traffic and road closures.
  • In Dubai, the Road and Transport Authority selected THTC and TomTom to provide critical data to drive their Intelligent Transportation System. This platform uses a visitor management system to alert motorists of incidents and road closures.
Nighttime traffic in Dubai, UAE

What has been your experience using TomTom data thus far?

Since initiating the partnership in 2006, TomTom has consistently helped THTC to deliver great solutions to their clients.

Not only are TomTom products rich in content and highly reliable, but their technical expertise, service and support are world-class. The THTC — TomTom business relationship is a win-win.

What’s the next big thing for THTC? What’s the goal for the near and far future?

The transportation industry is in the process of evolving. Where once the focus was on navigation and maps, today smart mobility, driverless cars and high definition maps are at the forefront.

Teaming with TomTom, THTC is enthusiastically embracing this change and is proud to be leading the way. They aim to continuously improve and innovate, creating smart mobility solutions that will ultimately drive the Smart City transformation throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

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