Bridging the design resource gap for early-staged startups

Logo and style guide. See full sample here:

We’re experimenting with Startup Packages at TomYum to make design more accessible to early-staged companies.

Design talent can be difficult to find. This is especially true for new startups where funds are very limited. Hiring a full-time designer or agency is costly. The result is that these companies often put off design for a future investment — a cost that increases over time as the company grows. On the other hand, design is an investment with compounding benefits across all functions of a business. With Startup Packages we hope to deliver this value early as possible, at affordable prices.

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So what’s a Startup Package?

We’re offering our design services at a bundled discount for pre-launch and early-staged startups. We’ve scoped out each package with deliverables that will help these companies achieve their next main business objective, whether its to raise funding, launch, or scale.

Each package comes with continued design advisory. This is especially important to us because we want companies to be design conscious even after the deliverables are complete. We see this as an ongoing partnership, not a client-to-agency relationship. When you’re ready to hire your first few designers, we’ll also help with the transition.

We came up with this idea because we come from startups ourselves and understand the design challenges early-staged companies encounter. We’re confident that our experience can make us a great partner for you.

Here’s what we’re offering.

For Pre-launch Startups

Our objectives are to help your business achieve product validation and acquire funding. We’ll create a trustworthy brand, strategize and design for the MVP, and package everything together into a clear pitch deck.

Final deliverables include:

  • Logo Design and Style Guide
  • Single Landing Page Website Design
  • MVP Product Design
  • Illustration Design
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • Design Advisory

The cost for this package will be $10,000.

Website design. See full sample here:

For Early Scaling Startups

If you’ve raised new funding but don’t have designers, consider this package. We’re here to be your design team, and will be available to interview and transition our work to your first hires.

Final deliverables include:

  • Logo and Brand Guideline
  • Custom Illustration and Iconography
  • Standard Website (up to 5 pages)
  • Application Design
  • Informational 1-pager template
  • Design Component Library
  • Design Advisory
  • Interview and file hand-off for your first hires

These deliverables are focused around helping you scale up sales and marketing efforts, and refining your product. In addition, we know there’s more clarity around the brand direction, and with that comes a more comprehensive brand guideline and website.

Pricing for this package will vary by company.

Pitch deck design. See full sample here:

Our ears (and inboxes) are open

This is our first go at making design more accessible to startups. What we’re offering here is the result of speaking to early-staged companies and understanding their budget and needs. However, we’re not expecting to completely hit the mark on the first try. If you have any feedback on our Startup Packages, email

We’re excited to begin speaking with you guys and look forward to collaborating. To see our packages, visit here.

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