Open Office Hours with TomYum — Get Free Design Feedback

We’re opening our virtual doors to provide free design feedback. If you know anybody who would benefit from this, let them know!

We started to help make the world a better-designed place. That sounds cliché, but it’s true. One of our realizations is that there are ways of achieving this mission besides business transactions. We can help spread good design simply by sharing our expertise, whether it’s in the form of writing content, or giving our advice to those who need it. So here are the details of our open office hours:

For now we‘re making ourselves available to people with launched designs. Feel free to show us your logo, your website, your app, or even your marketing collateral. As long as you require feedback on designs that people are already seeing or interacting with, then we’re here to help. In the future we‘ll make ourselves available to new designers who are seeking portfolio critiques or feedback for work in progress.

We have 2 slots open every Friday at 1:00–1:30PM, and 1:45–2:15PM. Times are in EDT.

Open office hours will take place via Google Hangouts. Be sure to have a link to your designs ready!

We’re constantly striving to improve ourselves and become better design thinkers. One way of developing our craft is to be exposed to more design challenges, and that’s by talking with you guys. We’re also doing this for a chance to earn your business. These sessions will be strictly about you, and we won’t be selling our services. But if your takeaway is that you want to explore working with us, then great! If not, that’s completely fine as well.

Book time by selecting the button below. Depending on demand, we’ll adjust our availability schedule to be as accommodating as possible.


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