2018 Antwerpen Gitaarfestival — Nov. 10-18 (Antwerp, Belgium)

Next week, we are very much looking forward to being involved in this year’s Antwerpen Guitar Festival in Belgium! The festival will feature concerts from an amazing lineup of artists including Roberto Aussel, Rene Izquierdo, Irina Kulikova, Jan Depreter, and many more. In addition to their performances, all of these artists will be giving masterclasses to students throughout the week.

Some of the other happenings include a luthier expo which will feature a “blind guitar date” comparison test as well as a lecture from luthier in residence Zoran Kuvac.

The festival will also feature a competition held in conjunction with our friends at EuroStrings. Along with money, other prizes this year include strings from the D’Addario Foundation, a concert guitar by Kuvac, and the opportunity to perform at guitar festivals across.

If you are in the region, we highly encourage you to find out more information and consider attending! Learn more by visiting their website at antwerpengitaarfestival.be/en

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