Introducing… ARTYOM DERVOED — New tonebase Artist!

Artyom Dervoed is not known as the “Tsar of the guitar” for nothing… Over the past 15 years, Artyom has left a significant mark on the international classical guitar scene — and he’s just getting started! Learn about some of his biggest artistic accomplishments in our post below, and stay tuned for his new instructional videos, coming soon to tonebase!

The conservatories of Russia have always been known for producing outstanding classical guitarists and musicians alike. This tradition continues today with the latest generation of great Russian guitarists, including Vladimir Gorbach, Rovshan Mamedkuliev, Anton Baranov, and Artyom Dervoed (a group that would make up quite the quartet!)

Artyom Dervoed, our most recent addition to the tonebase roster, is an incredible guitarist and artist whose insights we have been dying to share with our users for quite a while now!

A first-prize winner of 16 international competitions including Michele Pittaluga, JoAnn Falletta, and Iserlohn to name a few, Artyom is truly an established virtuoso of the guitar. However, what really sets him apart is his breath-taking musicality and most noticeably his expansive use of colors to portray clear musical imagery.

You can see exactly what we mean in this performance of Nikita Koshkin’s piece “The Prince’s Coach” (p.s. listen for the “horses” at the end!)

Artyom’s ability to capture an audience’s imagination has taken him around the world performing in famous concert halls such as Carnegie Hall, Berliner Philharmonie, Tchaikovsky Hall, and many others.

As usual, a key part of his artistic success is a result of studying with fantastic teachers — Nikolay Komolyatov at Gnesin Academy in Moscow, Aniello Desiderio at Koblenz Guitar Academy in Germany, and Oscar Ghiglia at Accademia Chigiana in Italy. Artyom carries on the tradition and knowledge of these great pedagogues with his own students at the Gnesin Academy and the Bashmet Center in Moscow — and soon with his lessons on tonebase!

In his first instructional video, set to be released in November, Artyom will be sharing the 11 technical exercises he has been doing most of his guitar career and which he credits for developing the technical ability he has today. We very much look forward to sharing the knowledge from this incredible artist with all of you soon!

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