A Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera and Why

Advantages and disses

Anthony (Tony/Pcunix ) Lawrence
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3 min readJun 8, 2022
That’s me at the door — photo by author

We already had a camera that points at our front porch, but because it needs to plug in, it peeks out through a window at a sharp angle and doesn’t get a good view. It’s good enough to alert us of someone coming to the porch, yet it annoys us because it also reports on every passing vehicle.

A few days ago, I found this (not an affiliate link):

Battery powered, IP65, passive infrared motion detection, spotlight, night vision, intercom and siren: it’s amazing what you can get for such short money today.

Battery powered has its advantages, though it also means it would be easier to steal without risking a nasty shock. At least I’d get an alert and be able to see them doing it, though I don’t expect I’d go dashing out to confront anyone in today’s gun happy world.

Go in peace, my light-fingered brother. Go in peace and be proud, because you help keep insurance companies, police, and security companies in business!

Though the camera is not visible from the street, so that’s likely not going to happen.

The manufacturer says the battery can last up to six months or 6000 wake-ups. We do get quite a few packages and once in a while a neighbor might come to the door, but I think the six months will arrive first. It’s easy to unscrew from the mounting base, so recharging shouldn’t be very inconvenient.

My primary reason for wanting this is to get a better view of the porch, so I can see packages. The window view doesn’t get a good view of the floor.

View from the inside camera — photo by autor

I’ll repurpose that camera by moving it to our back porch. There’s a protected outlet there, so between that, the roof, and the screens, I feel okay about plugging it in. It can keep an eye on the…



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