Back, up and analyzing soon

When I started this site back in June of this year (2017), it was after a couple of years after reaching the new apex of my life — from there it’s been an interesting journey (introspectively) reliving every traumatic experience I thought I could remember.

But first, a few understandings before we continue:

Feeling bad or pity does no one any good — although the thought can be pleasant it often adds on later to the guilt and shame people feel.

The best thing you can do for someone is show them you understand or are trying to understand — it’s confusing for everyone sometimes on how to help another person and even more confusing for the person trying to understand why others don’t always understand.

If you’re not able to be a support for someone, you can still help them by finding someone who can help.

Being fallible is what makes us human — sure it would be nice to have all those fancy things; and if you’re willing to work for them, that is your choice — if you want to find peace you can feel it no matter where you are.

You will love another day to fail again — when you’re no longer failing are you still living?

Originally published at too analytical..