Human Condition: To be continued…

What was that… Whoa what’s going on… What’s that feeling? It’s awful, it’s not going away, yeah I know the worst possible thing that could happen — you’re thinking to far ahead.

What’s your problem? Do you get enjoyment out of tormenting other people?

They’re out to get me, I see them them look at me when they walk down the hall — they’re plotting something to ruin my life. Again, you’re thinking not only too far ahead but completely irrational and possibly delusional.

Delusional? I feel it, it’s instinct… Not quite, but similiar in response.

What is it? To be honest… Not entirely certain, but we’ve got a head start figuring it out — so far we’ve made gains on all aspects of the psyche, but there remains an uninterrupted layer.

You see, once you’ve calmed down a bit, you start thinking clearer … Well for a moment and we’re back to feeling hyper-vigilant — at least you recognize it now. Remember when you didn’t? Don’t want to remember, but we’ve come along way.

Why do we keep falling back? Triggers, normal life events that seem overwhelming, insurmountable, and bring back the flood of memories of all those times… We’re past those.

Are you?

Good question.

Take a break for now…

And we’re back… What’s changed? Starting to gain back control, but first we have to get back on track — mentally and physically.

We’ve reached a block… We’ll pick up shortly

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