Introductions are in order…

Hello Interwebs, World, Humanity…

As the title of this site suggests, I am indeed

too analytical

Spending countless hours researching thinking, analyzing, arguing with myself to find insight, wisdom and answers to better understand whatever you want to call life, reality, perception, humanity…

In future posts I will share my thoughts on what is on my mind, new or updated revelations, epiphanies, realizations, insight, inspiration… and spontaneous creative moments.

Also, I’d like to invite anyone interested in sharing, contributing, etc.. to this site.

Where does inquisitiveness come from? I haven’t figured that out nor thought much on it — perhaps we’ll look at this in another post or topic for discussion; everything is open for discussion.

Be observational, seek answers,
correct inaccuracies and
be humble when you know you’re right.

Analytical beings take many forms, but we all have in common one thing. Being right, it’s not an attempt to one-up someone, it’s about preservation and accuracy of knowledge — I appreciate being corrected or challenged. Although, I know there are egos that derive satisfaction from being right.

Are you unconventional? Do you feel misunderstood by millions of people that imitate behaviour without knowing? The influence of the mainstream on people works, it’s that simple — how and why it works is also for another post.

Who I am is not relevant as even I do not know who I am as I am always exploring new avenues of thought and ways of perceiving reality — and for now we won’t get into reality as it tends to segway into existentialism before ending in nihilism.

Plasticity of the mind has served me well, never being too sure about anything we think we know keeps the ego in check and brings about a natural humility that would save the butthurt snowflakes from much of the emotional turmoil they endure — insight from a former butthurt snowflake.

Humility, you either have it or you don’t. The good thing is that you can learn to have humility — if that is something you’re interested in stay tuned!

Speak your mind but don’t be ignorant in the sense that negativity directed towards another living entity is not acceptable in any form. When you face negativity, don’t get caught up in the drama, analyze the behaviour and identify the factors that could affect the situation.

Here in lies the point where I bid you ado until the next post… Thanks for reading

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