Why the current year is irrelevant, when history is.

The day when those “age old sayings” made sense is the day my perspective of the world changed forever.

“Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It.”

George Santayana’s words have never been more true than in our current era. Over the last few weeks I have intellectually obsessed with every written article, video, live feed… I could find — I’ve left no perspective unturned, yet I still crave more.

What I’ve learned since the last American election is that when the Status quo left unchallenged for too long, it becomes entrenched and entitled — if it ain’t, broke don’t fix it. However, it is clear to see that there exists issues within our society.

Never would I have thought I’d witness what is going on in the world today — that was my naive state. I can remember the psychological impact of each new discovery, my understanding of the world became more succinct and nuanced.

At no point in life will I my knowledge be satisfactory, consciousness is infinite and to limit your knowledge to your own level of self-satisfaction seems like a barrier to challenging the malleability of the human mind.

“Ignorance is bliss”

Ignorance is also deadly. When people are ignorant of history and subjectiveness overrules objectiveness to understand the world, every aspect of western civilization is taken for granted — This is clear by the use of direct action to effect change.

I’m not knocking direct action or political action, but when rhetoric overpowers logic and reason it puts in motion, a psychological phenomenon that deludes the believer in thinking their motive and intent is righteous — the same righteousness that fuels the innate evil that exists in every human.

What concerns me most is the lack of thinking on a timeline — the future, not tomorrow or a week from now, decades and centuries from now — the events that unfold today and those that become set in law.

We live, have and always will live in a battle of ideas. The manner in which discourse occurs must never be limited to any one idea, but all ideas which arise in the minds of the people brave enough to engage in civil discourse defend their ideas — imposing ideas on people is not public discourse.

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