I read this book and started my blog

Here we are; another book, another post. 
This book is what has inspired me to start my blog.

The book is titled “Creative Confidence

What attracted me to it?

First off, I know the authors. David Kelly is the founder of IDEO, one of the most compelling innovative and design firms worldwide. His brother Tom is one of the creative fellows at the d.school of Stanford. Two beautiful minds, don’t you agree?

The book is about how each of us can find our creative power.
The authors remind us that we all have ideas and insight to offer, that we do not have to all be “artists” to think creatively. Allora, are you not intrigued by this statement?!

Its paper.
Yep, I love the texture of the paper. I may sound a bit crazy, but you have to know that I am in good company, this is a real trend. Check it out, paper is back!

The book is full of real-life exercises, thought leadership and soulful storytelling; all things that will help me to navigate the year ahead.

I love putting theory into practice when I read something that inspires me.

This is the page that motivated me to start my blog.

I had been thinking about starting a blog for months, but I felt stuck in the “I don’t feel ready” mood.

I felt insecure about expressing my ideas in english, I also knew that to write about communication in a foreign language would be challenging.

I was sharing this state of mind with my dear friend Alessandra (also noted in the book; “tell friends about the changes you plan to make in your life. They give you constructive and continuous support”.) She offered to introduce me to a close friend of hers, who she thought may be of assistance.

With this being said, I was introduced to Sonya, a brilliant women and communication specialist who helps me to understand how a native american thinks and writes, she helps me to edit my posts.

In summary; in Italian we say “morale della favola”.

1. I have become aware that my inner perfectionist has slowed me down, and I have stopped to procrastinate.
2. I took advantage of networking through close friends following their advice.
3. I published my blog while simultaneously enhancing my writing skills.
4. I met a new and lovely person who has enriched my network here in NYC!

Now it’s your turn! Don’t get ready, get started!