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Planet Centric Design Toolkit by Martina Garbolino

An interview with a Toolbox creator

What’s your name and role?

Martina, (former) designer at Impossible

What’s your toolbox all about? Why does it exist? What problems is it aiming to help solve?

Planet Centric Design is a guided process to help align businesses with the planet’s needs in order to achieve more balance between humans and the biosphere.

Who developed it? What was the team that you put together?

Planet Centric Design is the result of a mid-life crisis reflection from our CEO, Kwame Ferreira. Then the London studio developed the toolkit. We have partnered with Makesense — a non-profit organisation that helps social businesses — to continue testing and improving the toolkit. A new version is coming out soon.

Lots of toolboxes draw on other tools and methods, what inspiration did you bring in?

Our methodology is based on the Lean Canvas. We simplified it and added a ‘planetary level’.

How do you practically use the toolbox in your work? And how do others use it?

Our partner, Makesense, is starting to use it for their hold-ups, a 3-hour workshop with social entrepreneurs and volunteers to find solutions to a problem. We use it when brainstorming on new solutions for our ventures or clients.

What do you think is next for the toolbox? Do you have plans to update or change it?

Yes, a new version with more guidance it’s on its way. We’re planning on testing and iterating the toolbox as we use it more and more.

What’s your opinion on the idea of toolboxes in general? At this point, everyone seems to have their own! When are they useful and not useful?

I think toolboxes are great…tools. As such, they should always be something that guides and help, but you need to know how to use them and be flexible with them. There’s no toolbox that works perfectly with every single project. You need to extract the principles and apply them in the best way for the project.

Thanks to Martina Garbolino for the interview, and to the Impossible and Makesense teams for their awesome toolbox. Check out for more where this came from 🛠



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