Born to be wild

So it begins.

This project started with two wild situations.

The first one:

The big purpose of this project started two years ago. Back then and from then on, we gathered and created new tools to rethink our design thinking process and the way we work. For us, there was always a common sense of sharing all of this with our clients, community and the world.

And the internal project we’re starting today gives us the opportunity to make it real.

The second:

We’ve been recently working with CML (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa) in a eight months project that helped us build Made of Lisboa — a new brand for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lisbon. To get to this brand we designed a new co-creation process called Define Lisboa.

Define Lisboa was a community based tool that allowed us to digitally ask the online community questions, give them space to think and give their opinion. With this digital tool we could be permanently closer to our main target, have a direct contact with them and explore and validate many ideas that we had for the project.

So the main questions we’re trying to answer are “How can we open this digital tool and replicate it in other contexts?” and “What is the hidden potential that this tool has?”.

Today there was the kick off for the project.

We used what we call the “kick-off framework” that help us having a main view of the problem we’re dealing with and started sharing our worries, expectations and knowledge of this 2 months project.

The team

Rui and Tiago, the bosses. They wanted the team to be independent from them, fearing they were already influenced by their vision and expectations of what they want this project to be in the end. So they will play the role of “clients” over here!

João, the graphic design thinker. João is the closer we have in this team to a graphic guy, we have never tried design thinking before and he’s really excited to start. So excited that he already designed a logo.

Miguel, the “just married” guy. Well, he’s still single but he just arrived to With Company recently and we’re really happy to have him with us. Master of digital research, he has a very holistic and strategic view of business and design.

Juliana, the strategist. Juliana is our Brazilian strategist. She arrived at Lisbon last year after years of mental crazy work in South America and is eager to have a gap year. Sorry Juliana, it’s not gonna happen. Just kidding — she’s really excited to work with us!

Matilde, the facilitator. It’s up to me to write this post today, so… Hard to write about me. Well, someone can edit it later…

We all hope you’ll stay there checking the news and following the project.

Next comes the research and all the plan for the project.

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