Christmas unbundling 🎅🏼

Week 5

While dealing with the self-inflicted stress and pressure of last minute Christmas shopping, we used the last couple of days to boil down to a presentation what we have found out until now and secondly, share two paths for the next half of the project with our “overlords”.

Super platform vs. unbundling

Starting next Monday, we could either start outlining a huge, futuristic platform for collecting and analysing information, or focus on small number of features and treated them like individual tools. Though we were pretty exciting with the former, after some tough debate we came to the conclusion that it would be undoable due to time constraints.

Thus, we will spend quite some time next week trying to figure out which pain points deserve our attention and for which will we try to prototype tools, or new frameworks.

The landing page test

I know we promised we would launch the landing page before Christmas, but unfortunately our desire to iterated it a little bit more has stalled our development progress. So you will have to wait until next week

For now, we will close shop for the weekend and enjoy a foody Christmas, Portuguese style.

Have a nice holiday!

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