Get ready for launch 🚀

Week 7

Annotations app

After saying goodbye to a somewhat dystopian year, we entered 2017 full speed ahead with our eyes set on the finish line. With the end of the project lurking around, we finally got to a landing page that we all are happy with.

Through fast ideation and some Wordpress tutorials, we spend the whole week finetuning our vision into a simple and, we think, effective way to promote and test our assumptions.

You can stop scrolling… we will only share the link for *i&!_^#@+=s on our next post!

Fast field test

Excel, Annotations, Trello

Besides some coding (mostly drag&dropping), some of us also got to a small list of digital tools we should test. Though we test each one of these tools, we didn’t had the opportunity to stress them on a real situation. Fortunately, here at With we have a couple of projects just about to start, so we are going to be able to deploy these tests. Now, about those tools:


After reading these article by Jessica Crabb, we created our own Trello board for collecting and organising user research. The main advantage of Trello? Its very mobile friendly card system UI.


Though being a mac app, its amazingly simple (get ready) annotations and labeling features captured our attention. Also, with its import feature we can easily use past notes with the program without having to re-write or copy paste the old text.

Our own excel

Though decades old and seen by some has a symbol of rusty machines, pre-mobile, we decided to give an opportunity to this rather amazing business and analytical tool. Its easy customisable workspace, allows us to stretch our imagination and connect different pieces of information.

During week 8 we will go north of Portugal to see how each of these tools behaves outside the office.

For now, we will just leave for a few hours so we can put a certain website online 😉

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