Getting dirty

Week 5

After finishing last week with a fast draft of our preposition landing page and some pre-design discussion, we kick-off our week by splitting our efforts into two tasks: while João got to start designing the landing page, the rest of the team focused on discussing next steps and started to talk about some key strategy issues.

Though there are still some open questions, we have already agreed on how to promote the page. Being Define Lisboa a case built around a city’s ecosystem and having we established prepositions that link with the public space, we will target local government employees from around the world. How will we do it? Well, first we will use LinkedIn to create two types of profile:

  1. Based on location, by searching local government institutions and then their specific location within a city;
  2. Based job title and description, by listing generic job titles of people who work at this places.

Why is this serving ads this way, better then just placing ads for related keywords, like co-creation? We would definitely get to some of our core target with the later, but the internet is such a noisy and massive place that these would certainly be a tiny percentage of the total reach. Also, we are not building a landing page about co-creation, design thinking at scale, or digital tools for collaboration. Instead, we are optimising content for a very specific use case and narrow set of Jobs to be done that matches a well known target.

Does this mean we will not try a more wide, reach based, approach? Certainly not, but this will probably have a smaller budget and can be deployed easily later. Having checked this box, this part of the team got back to help João with the landing page for a design and content review. We hope to have a working page soon, so keep an eye out 🕵️


There is still a lot to explore and study about automation, but in the meantime we will leave you with two of the platforms we have been exploring: Howdy, a tool to rapidly create bots, and IFTTT, a platform that allows any user to connect different services and automate certain tasks between them.

Keep this tab open, we still have a lot to share before Christmas!

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