Going outside and beyond

Week 2

On the second half of last week we continued our research by speaking with a survey lover, travelling to Belgium and understanding the challenges that a multinational company faces when it wants to bring all its employees into the discussion. Though we still have a lot of questions to ask, we are starting to find some patterns!

Before we reveal three things we found to be patterns throughout some of our research, let’s do a short summary of our latest interviews:

First, Joana, a designer and co-owner of a fish shop, told us how fun it was to be part of Define Lisboa. She acknowledge that although she didn’t had a great interest on the matter, she took the challenge anyway as the digital tool were quite fun and different from the standard online survey. She also pointed out how she thinks this kind of tools should be used mainly for small local projects, rather than national wide endeavours.

After speaking with Joana, we got on Skype and travelled to Belgium to speak with Arthur. As a researcher specialised in developing public projects for several European cities and the EU, Arthur was the first potential user we had the chance to talk to. We can’t tell you the details, but let’s just say we might have found a way to do some real world testing, outside Portugal.

Finally, Hugo, a very helpful client who works at one of the biggest Portuguese multinational companies, explained us some of the daily hurdles its team faces to harvest feedback from its 80 000 colleagues.

About those patterns, keep in mind that the above are only ideas, still needing more in-depth discussion:

  • Digital will keep some people from being part of this kind of project (João even told us that 20% of the Portuguese people would not be able to participate). Will we have to build offline tools?
  • Scale is not everything and we will probably need to find a way to build smaller groups within the large poll of people.
  • These kind of tools will work better on issues that can have a very practical, hands-on, solution, as people need to see and feel improvement.

To wrap-up the week, we sent an online survey to all the people who helped us with the Define Lisboa Project. Though we haven’t disclose ToolKitten, their feedback about the tools we used during the project will be of great value.

See you next week!

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